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Welcome to Nanc's Got Your Back, the ultimate destination for quilt makers of all levels. In our online shop, we offer an extensive range of wide-back fabrics, top-quality threads, and expert guidance to make your quilting dreams a reality.

About Nanc

Born and raised in Southern New Mexico, I'm a sewing enthusiast who began my journey at the tender age of 5, thanks to my great-grandmother's guidance. Together, we crafted clothes for the cherished Little Dolls of
America, our reward for savoring ice cream cones from the local Tastee Freeze.

My sewing adventure continued on my mother's trusty featherweight Singer machine, and there's been no looking back. Six years of
sewing clothing and three years of tailoring education further honed my skills.

But, life had more in store for me. A 30-year IT career
unfolded, offering me a diverse background in technology. This digital expertise seamlessly merged with my love for sewing, leading me to the world of computerized quilting.

I'm not just a quilter; I'm a creator of various quilt styles, from traditional pieced and whole-cloth quilts to unique t-shirt quilts, memory quilts, and artistic creations. I've turned this passion into a profession,
accepting quilting commissions that frequently earn awards.

For seven incredible years, I had the privilege of being a HandiQuilter Educator, sharing my machine and sewing knowledge while having a blast.

The reviews of my classes are brimming with positivity and attest to the exceptional learning experience.

If you haven't joined one of my classes, the time is now. You
won't be disappointed. Come visit our Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok page to discover helpful videos and stay updated on our vibrant shop. Give us a like and rate us if you've visited the store or taken a class with us.

Choose me for passion, expertise, and a quilting journey like no other. Your masterpiece starts here!